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Scented PogyZ

Smoky Shad

$4.99  (5 per pack)
Size: 3 inch
Code: SPG3-57PK5  


Product Details

Anglers seeking to mimic inshore forage like menhaden, pinfish, threadfin, pilchards, croakers, or shad will soon make the Scented PogyZ their new go-to bait. Designed to be fished on upright-swimming ShroomZ JigheadZ™ or weighted swimbait hooks, the PogyZ's deep profile, segmented body, and teardrop shaped paddle tail create a tight, lifelife wiggle when retrieved. The addition of 100% natural Pro-Cure Super Gel scent results in a bait that entices more violent strikes and longer holds.



Most durable saltwater swimbait on the market thanks to 10X Tough ElaZtech® construction
Deep profile mimics deep-bodied baitfish
Swims perfectly upright without rolling when fished on ShroomZ JigheadZ™
Belly hook slot and recessed groove on back allows for rigging, weedless swimbait hook, like 3/0 Gamakatsu® Superline EWG
Impregnated with 100% natural Pro-Cure Mullet Super Gel
3 inch length with segmented tail for realistic swimming action and tight wiggle
5 baits per pack
Offered in 12 colors
Made in the USA

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