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ElaZtech Trout Trick

Plum / Chartreuse

$4.99  (6 per pack)
Size: 5 inch
Code: TT5-72PK6


Product Details

It was an incredible discovery. While scouting on the Choctawhatchee Bay in Florida, veteran tournament bass angler turned saltwater fishing guide Bob Sanders stumbled upon a massive school of spotted seatrout. Bob made cast-after-cast with virtually every type of lure in his tackle box: topwater plugs, jerbaits, crankbaits, flukes, tubes, and more. Despite the thick school of fish, he averaged 5 or so bites per 20 casts...until he tied on the TroutTrick. Time and again, Bob got bit multiple times on every cast using the TroutTrick; if a trout missed the bait or got off, another one would grab it. It didn't take a rocket scientist to realize that he had stumbled onto something very special.

The key to effectively fishing the TroutTrick is that it must be allowed to fall STRAIGHT DOWN to create a reaction bite. With your rod pointed at the lure, reel in the slack and give the rod a couple of jerks, then drop the rod tip and allow the bait to fall STRAIGHT DOWN towards the bottom. In shallow water, jerk the rod sideways to keep it in the water. The trout will hit it on the fall, and your next jerk becomes the hookset. Bob's theory is that the unique ribs of the bait create a vibration that seatrout and other species home in on. In fact, Bob found that the reaction to this lure is so strong that when you fish through a school of totally negative fish, they will even strike the TroutTrick with their mouths closed! Eventually, you will foul hook one and realize what's going on.



>Legendary Trout Trick action and attraction, now available in 10X Tough, super soft, naturally buoyant ElaZtech® construction!
>We recommend pairing the Trout Trick with a quality jighead with a sharp hook, like the Trout Eye™ jighead or JigheadZ™
>Now offered in 14 colors to match water clarity conditions and regional color preferences!
>5" length, 6 baits per pack


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